Xerox® DocuShare® 7.6 Release Notes

System Requirements

Upgrade from DocuShare 7 to 7.6

  • DocuShare version required: DocuShare 7.0 Update 1 Patch 3 (DS7Update1p3)

Operating Systems

  • OS
    • Windows Server 2016 and 2019
    • RedHat 7 and 8
    • CentOS 7
    • Solaris 10.x is not supported at this time


  • Tomcat 9.x
  • Web Server
    • Apache 2.4.6 or later
    • IIS 10


  • Microsoft SQL server 2019, 2017, 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Express 2017 updated to SQL Express 2019
  • PostgreSQL 11.4.3, 14.2
  • Oracle 19c, 21c

Browser support

  • Chrome (Latest)
  • Edge-Chromium (latest)
  • Safari (latest on iPad/iPhone/MacBook)


  • A new license is required for DocuShare 7.6.
  • DocuShare provides a 30-day grace period to apply the new license after the upgrade.

What's New

Packaged Solutions

  • SAML Single Sign-On Support provides customers to connect their DocuShare server to their enterprise Identify Provider. This enables users to login using their enterprise login rather than having to use/remember a separate login/password for DocuShare.
  • Auto-Provisioningwhen SAML is enabled. This is an Admin choice. If enabled, users that don’t exist on the DocuShare server will automatically be created and have basic access to the DocuShare server. This eliminates the need for the user to request an account from the Admin.
  • Forgot Password Reset is the feature that allows for the user to reset their password without the need to contact the System Admin.
  • DocuSign Add-on Connector for DocuShare updated to support the new DocuSign authentication.
  • Various Security Updates and Bug fixes

Installation Notes

Document Viewer

  • For new Document Viewer installation, PrizmDoc 13.x runs the client and the server on the same box.
  • For upgrades with Document Viewer installed, PrizmDoc will continue to run the client on the DocuShare server and the PrizmDoc 12.x on another server.
  • For upgrades without Document viewer, PrizmDoc 13.x runs the client and the server on the same box.


  • Currently, we do not support running multiple DocuShare instances on a single VM with Solr.
  • The Solr engine is started automatically after DocuShare 7.6 Installation (both Linux and Windows). However, if Linux machine is restarted, the Solr engine must be started manually before starting DocuShare.
  • Only a new net install will provide the Solr engine. Upgrade from DocuShare 7.0 IDOL Service will retain IDOL engine. Also, upgrade from DocuShare 7.5 that is still running IDOL server will retain IDOL engine.

Upgrade Notes

Currently there is no migration/upgrade path to move from IDOL to Solr search engine (KeyView/IDOL to Tika/Solr)

  • Current customers who are running on IDOL must remain on IDOL.
  • Running IDOL and Tika on the same server will cause conflict in the search functionality.

Fixes in this Release

AR Number SPAR Number Description
13250 142739

SPAR 142739 - Stack Trace appears with Enable Stack set to No

13276   SPAR - dssetup fails because tries to update ContentIndexServerConfig.xml
13798   Update to Solr 8.11.1
15015   Back button is not working in a number of places. Example: ERR_CACHE_MISS appears after clicking back button of the browser In PDF or HTML View.
13940   CVE-2021-41165: CKEditor.js version updated
15394   JQuery updated to version 3.6.0

Known Issues

AR Number SPAR Number Description
40886   Values for mapped DocuSign properties within Basic eSign Settings and Template Profiles Administration pages that exceed the length of the mapped DocuShare property will not be returned after signing is complete.

Using SAML override is advised to be used on a DocuShare only account. It should not be used with an account that is linked to the Identify Provider.


  • Xerox DocuShare and Solr - IDOL-Solr Comparison Guide for internal support
  • Xerox DocuShare Connector Feature for DocuSign - Administrator Guide
  • Xerox DocuShare Connector Feature for DocuSign - Deployment Guide
  • Xerox DocuShare Connector Feature for DocuSign - User Guide

Additional Information and Support

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