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Accounts Payable Automation Back to Top

Accounts Payable departments in large, mid-sized, and small organizations are looking for ways to improve the accuracy and speed of invoice processing.Xerox DocuShare enables AP departments to eliminate manual data entry, routing, and filing of paper invoices.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fewer steps are taken and human errors are dramatically reduced.
  • Paper invoices that are faxed or mailed are easily scanned directly into a DocuShare workflow.
  • Electronic invoices are automatically sent to the correct folders and routed to the right people for approval.
  • Accounts payable personnel can securely and easily access invoices in seconds
  • Organizations can receive prompt payment discounts and incentives

TLC Vision uses DocuShare to significantly improve their AP process.

Melissa Simas

“Processing our invoices was so much easier using DocuShare. It saves people time, makes them a lot more efficient, and avoids the human errors in a manual process…the ease of use is great.”

Delano Ligu
Director, Technical Services
TLC Vision

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Learn how organizations can benefit by automating their accounts payable processes.

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Contract Management Back to Top

Nearly every organization manages contracts for purchasing, sales, HR, office facilities, and many other critical functions. Xerox DocuShare helps organizations maintain compliance and accuracy while reducing the amount of time it takes to create, update, retain, and report on contracts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easily create a centralized, searchable contracts archive where authorized users can securely share, review, finalize, save, and renew contracts

  • Securely access contracts anytime, from anywhere

  • Automate contract workflows to gain great efficiencies during the contract creation and review phase

  • Set automatic notifications so stakeholders are alerted prior to the contract renewal date

  • Contract lifecycle is fully auditable, from digital creating or scanning into the archive, to review and renewal

Learn about how organizations from SMBs through large enterprises are gaining efficiencies, saving time and money, and maintaining greater accuracy and compliance using DocuShare for contract management.

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Policy and Procedure Management Back to Top

Large, mid-sized, and small organizations across many industries need to maintain compliance with standards such as OSHA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and more. Numerous policies and procedures are updated throughout the year, and administrators need to ensure that they have the most current versions at their fingertips. Xerox DocuShare enables organizations to easily maintain accurate policies and procedures.

Features and Benefits:

  • Save time, filing space, and inefficiencies by keeping all current policies in an easy-to-search digital repository
  • Find current versions of all policies and procedures in seconds
  • Route policies electronically for administrator approval and employee review and acknowledgement
  • Maintain a complete audit history of when policies were approved, and by whom
  • Set alerts to notify select users about required policy updates and expiration dates

Find out how you can gain confidence and compliance while enjoying new time savings and efficiencies.

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Personnel File Management Back to Top

In today’s fast paced world HR departments need information at their fingertips to effectively field employee inquiries, provide documents on request, and act quickly when recruiting, addressing audits, and a multitude of HR processes. Xerox DocuShare provides organizations with a secure, central place to manage and instantly locate employee files in the moment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce time for HR to find employee files from hours (or even days) to just minutes
  • Dramatically cut office space requirements and storage costs for paper employee records
  • Assure security of employee data, as only authorized individuals can access files
  • Track access to documents, protecting employee privacy
  • Reduce compliance risk and simplify preparation for audits
  • Link to employee files from your HR Information System (HRIS) or ERP system, making them accessible with a click
  • Easily set policies for reviewing, archiving, and retiring documents following legal guidelines

Learn how HR organizations can improve accuracy and response time while lowering costs and risk

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Employee Onboarding Back to Top

In today’s market, it’s critical to capture and verify employee background information quickly, in order to avoid losing qualified candidates or dragging out the hiring process. Xerox DocuShare automates and simplifies new employee onboarding and helps get new hires up and running as quickly as possible.

Features and Benefits:

  • Assure all new hire activities are completed in a timely way
  • Make employees productive as quickly as possible
  • Give a professional impression to hires, supporting a company brand
  • Reduce compliance risk, as the right employee documents are in place
  • Convert cumbersome, time-consuming paper processes into automated ones
  • Reduce storage costs for records, and time to find employee information
  • Assure privacy of employee files, so only HR can access new hire information

Learn how organizations of all sizes can improve the speed and effectiveness of their onboarding process.

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Employee Time Off Requisitioning Back to Top

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) are efficient at processing time off requests when the entire process is conducted electronically. Many organizations such as educational or government facilities require that a physical document be used for approval. In some instances this document gets routed between multiple managers and departments, physically moving from building to building, or even across the city or state. Xerox DocuShare provides organizations with a secure system for capturing hard copy documents, routing them through an approval process, and providing a legally-binding record of the approval process for ingest into the HRIS system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Decrease time for employees to receive approval of time off
  • Reduce HR time approving or tracking down requests
  • Save costs involved in a manual request process—transporting request forms between offices, printing or photocopying by each department—and save employee or HR hourly time
  • Facilitate rapid questions back to the employee if necessary, via discussions or comments in the ECM environment
  • Allow for an employee to provide follow-up documents—for example, issuing a scan cover sheet so she can provide a doctor’s absence note as documentation
  • Enable time for management to find contingency or temporary help
  • Support faster, easier audits of HR operations

Learn how HR organizations can improve accuracy and response time when processing paper-based time off requests.

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