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Xerox Mobile Client for DocuShare Lets You Work Anywhere

Work is no longer confined to the four walls of your office, nor is it limited to a single computing device. Research indicates that by 2014 the average knowledge worker will carry 3.3 connected devices1; and that by 2015 more than half of workers will access their content from a mobile device2.

And mobile employees don’t just need to open and read their documents on their mobile devices – they also need to streamline and simplify document-centric business process while on the go. 

The Mobile Client for DocuShare enables knowledge workers to access, manage, share and print content stored in DocuShare, from any Android or iOS device, wherever they are. With the Mobile Client, workers in all industries can maximize their productivity and ensure timely responses to business needs.

  • Sales teams get access to accurate, current information while in the field – pricing sheets, marketing materials, RFP templates and more.
  • Engineers and architects can view technical documents and drawings on mobile devices while in the field. Even better, they can take photographs or video and upload them instantly to their secure DocuShare site.
  • Manufacturing workers can pull up drawings, QC documents, MSDS or other company information directly on their mobile device while on the shop floor.
  • Educators increasingly use mobile devices and DocuShare while away from the classroom, to develop curriculum, share notes with other teachers, or save research articles for in-classroom use.
  • Healthcare workers can access and update patient-related documents, or fill out and submit a prescription order form, directly from DocuShare via their smartphone or tablet.


Access and Search While Mobile
  • Search for content on  DocuShare sites, by collections using metadata or full text
  • Navigate collections, individual files and document pages
  • Create collections to organize your content
  • View, edit or delete documents or other content
  • Easily resume downloads after an interruption, such as a loss of connectivity
Maintain Security
  • SSL-encrypted communication with your mobile device
  • Password expiration that is configurable on both the app and server
  • Application passcode lock
  • Control over document caching
  • Server session timeout to ensure unattended devices are automatically logged out
  • Passcode-enabled incremental security features of Android and iOS operating systems
Collaborate with Others
  • Use your mobile device to email documents from DocuShare as attachments or links
  • Upload new content to DocuShare for immediate sharing
Business Process on the Go
  • Support for custom DocuShare object types such as invoices and employee records when uploading new files
  • Support A/P, HR, and other business processes by reviewing content, and then sharing or publishing it into a workflow
  • Open an eForm URL, initiating a business process
Capture and Print in the Moment
  • Capture document images, photos, meeting notes, and other content using your smartphone camera, and publish them to DocuShare
  • Upload audio and video files you’ve captured on the go
  • Print documents anywhere using Xerox® Mobile Print® or Xerox® Cloud Print®

1Cisco, May 2012 - IBSG Horizons Study
2Gartner, April 2012 - Tablets and Smartphones Are Changing How Content is Created, Consumed and Delivered

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