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DocuShare Archive Server supports automatic archival based on expiration dates or other metadata and ensures rapid search and retrieval of archived documents. Seamlessly integrates archived data with content management processes, restores archived data to the primary DocuShare server and protects archived data from unauthorized access.

DocuShare Content Rules Manager enables users to create content rules and workspaces. Content rules help organizations streamline document-based processes through automation. Workspaces enhance collaboration among team members by providing a single area for project management and communication.

DocuShare Lifecycle Manager keeps documents current to meet your organization’s compliance standards. Administrators are notified when time-based document lifecycle events occur, including release, retention, periodic review, archival, and destruction of obsolete content.

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DocuShare Optical Character Recognition (OCR) transforms scanned pages or images into searchable PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, or simple text files, enabling files to be located, viewed, and modified. Once images have been processed, they are fully indexed and can be searched based on text contained in the new file. 

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DocuShare Public Web Access allows an unrestricted number of unauthenticated users to access a DocuShare site as Guests users and browse public content. Enables DocuShare to become a document distribution portal for very large audiences with network access to a DocuShare site.

DocuShare SharePoint Integration allows easy access to DocuShare content and simultaneous searching – with the ability to browse and manage DocuShare documents, collections and workspaces.

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Enterprise Capture is a services offering for integrating imaging and capture capabilities into a DocuShare solution. Xerox can leverage both Xerox components and third party add-ons to configure ad hoc or distributed scanning, intelligent capture, QC, forms capture, recognition, and advanced imaging capabilities.

Xerox Process Automation for DocuShare enables organizations to gain greater accuracy, improve customer service, and save substantial amounts of time and money by replacing slow, inaccurate paper-based processes. The flexible and affordable form design tool makes it easy to create electronic forms that feed into your DocuShare system so you can securely collect information from people inside and outside of the firewall and route it to the right person for processing. 

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